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Lee & Laura Domingue - Founders

Louisiana-raised and Alabama-transplanted, Lee and Laura Domingue are parents to 5 and "Pops and Lovey" to 5 beautiful grandchildren.

After founding AppOne, a financial tech company acquired by a multi-billion dollar company 10 years later, Lee served as CEO until retiring in 2011.  During that time, Lee also founded the non-profit Kingdom Builders U.S. to help marketplace leaders live out their legacy of funding impactful causes.


When asked to take a reconnaissance trip to find a safe house for girls rescued from trafficking in Europe, Lee and Laura were exposed to the atrocities of the sex trade.  Supporting the European effort was important, but they were also moved to fight the problem in their own backyard.  Trafficking Hope was birthed in 2007 to bring awareness, hope, and tools to fight trafficking throughout the U.S.


Laura continues to serve as the heartbeat behind the Trafficking Hope movement. She’s passionate about providing a place of hope and safety for survivors and being an advocate for the voiceless. Because of her visionary efforts with Hope House, the first 24-hour restoration facility in Louisiana, Laura was the recipient of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Angel Award in 2014.  She's been recognized since then, but more than anything, her dream is to equip the Church to join the fight in abolishing slavery everywhere.




What began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2007 is now in 22 states with over 71 partnerships. 

Trafficking hope exists to bring hope to survivors as well as support to those in the fight. 

It educates and equips and empowers so that the massive problem of trafficking doesn't feel so hopeless. 

TOGETHER, we can end it.


CARES Small Group Portal released specifically for church small groups. 

Partnership with Well House leads to further opportunities in providing for a Transitional Apartment Complex for survivors.

AWARENESS IS KEY: Raising public awareness and educating residents of Baton Rouge, LA

CARES Initiative is launched

NEW LOCATION: National Office relocated to Birmingham, Alabama in order to better support local churches and organizations in the fight against slavery.

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IT’S NOT OK: Trafficking Hope campaign is launched


HOUSING NEED: Purchased Hope House, a 32-acre site to serve as a restoration facility for victims of human trafficking.


GROWTH & EXPANSION: National campaign launched to have a further reach into U.S. communities.


HOPE CONTINUES: August 2016 The Great Louisiana Flood destroyed our Hope House facility. Partnership begins with Wellhouse to provide 24 hour victim care.



Our Mission

To stop sex trafficking across the nation by funding survivor services and supporting local churches and organizations in their fight.


Our Team

We are a movement full of creative, passionate, and hopeful activists from various spheres fighting together for a more just, fair, and thriving world.


Amy Wagar

State Director - Alabama

Isabella Jordan

Administrative Coordinator

Leah Varnell

Hope U Coordinator