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Hope U is a passionate and hope-filled group of student activists committed to help end human slavery.  Students, like you, who believe in the power of working together to spread awareness and fight for the voiceless.



have long been in the forefront of social change. Our voices create change and our activism makes history.

You’ll fit right in.

Contact us to find or start your local chapter.

Additional ways you can be a change-maker:


Educate yourself on the problem.  Human Trafficking is complex and full of many myths. It’s in your community and your attention can help stop it.  


Ignorance is not ok, so start learning and stay informed.

Here is a great starting point. 


The more each community is informed, the greater the chance they have of stopping human trafficking. You can be a change agent just by spreading the message of truth and hope.  Invite your sphere of influence to join the fight and help end human trafficking in our lifetime.


Here are some free graphics to use.



1. Every dollar donated is maximized to fight human trafficking. You can donate here. 


2. College students are typically low on cash but high on friends. Start a bday campaign and ask for donations in lieu of gifts to help stop human trafficking. 


3. Wear cool swag and share the message of hope. Check it out here.


We want each Trafficking Hope Chapter to feel connected, invested, and empowered to make a difference. Join the movement today-

you belong here!

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